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“Mzanzi Tents now have exclusive Astro Turf Tiles for rent.  Make your function more spectacular with the natural look of a lawn surface.”

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Stretch tents are also referred to as free form tents, Bedouin tents, free style tents, Nomadik® tents, Aladdin tents to name a few names that these elegant tents are called. Mzanzi’s Stretch tents are available in different colours and sizes, and will transform any function and venue into a spectacular and most memorable occasion!

Stylish and secure bedouin tent installations from buildings, un-even or awkward shaped terrains is possible where conventional marquee tents and peg and pole tents can’t provide the required cover. Stretch tents installed freestanding will create a new venue where there was none before!

We have been part of the development and evolution of the stretch tent industry from the beginning and therefore Mzanzi Stretch Tent’s very experienced staff will ensure stretch tent installations of the highest quality. With over 10 years’ experience of this magnificent stretch tent product we can offer good accurate information regarding Stretch Tents. Our free form stretch tents resemble the tents used by the nomadic and Bedouin tribes in North Africa and desert dwelling nomadic people from Arabia.


The Stretch Tent has been developed and evolved around the turn of the century for use in the entertainment industry. Stretch tents are also revered to as free form tents, Bedouin tents, free style tents, nomadik® tents, Aladdin tents to name a few names that these elegant tents are called. It doesn’t really matter what these stretch tents are called so long as your Bedouin style tent brings the tented cover required for your event! Mzanzi’s stretch tents modular system allow that more than one Bedouin tent can be linked to each other to provide the required cover needed by using stretch tents. Gutter strips are placed over the joining point of the tents to help keep the water going of the tents so that there is no leak between the Bedouin tents.
*Our Stretch tents provide cover against all-weather elements and are waterproof.
*Stretch Tents are available in different sizes and colours.
*Stretch tents are stylish and elegant – no draping is needed inside the stretch tents as is the case with the old marquees tents.
*Engineers certificates can be provided for the installations of the Bedouin tents.
*Quick and cost effective tent installations.
*International fire and safety regulations standards apply to the fabric use to manufacture our stretch tents.

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Mzanzi Stretch Tents specialise in tent rentals and sales. Stretch Tent Sales & Rentals for Weddings, Functions & Events. Stretch Tent sales & rental of choice. Stretch Tent sales & rental of distinction. Stretch Marquee tents can be hired for any occasion including outdoor functions, shows, launches, weddings and corporate events.


Mzanzi Event Flooring


Instant flooring is temporary portable instant flooring systems which caters for every spectrum of the market.
Instant flooring is used successfully in conjunction with our Stretch Tents.
Instant flooring just makes your special event so much more special.


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If you need your guests to have an unforgettable experience, Mzanzi Tents Events will deliver. Memorable events through creative event planning and management. Precise coordination, extraordinary results.



Eezideck Event Flooring


Event Flooring - We’ve Got You Covered! Eezideck is an intelligent temporary flooring system, that can be used on a variety of surfaces with or without decorative covering. It is an integrated system including edging, expansion joints and cable runner systems. Incorporated into the design parameters is a grass protection system and is particularly suited to areas where grass protection is required. Eezideck has a solid floor feeling under foot and is suitable for the more discerning events.